A long awaited release....

I have been working with this client for a while

now and he has many issues that he wishes to talk about and work through,

mainly centring around his relationship with his now deceased father.

He is a 38 year old male, married with three children and works in the

engineering industry. Up until this session, we had been looking at how his

early years had shaped him into the person he is now and how he relates to

people, communicates with them and views the world in general. As he sat

down I asked him how he was feeling today.

He said he had been having lucid dreams about his father and upon the words

leaving his mouth he began to cry – something that he had never done in any

previous sessions. He sobbed, real, uncontrollable sobs as the tears poured

down his face. He didn't speak at all for the rest of the session and the sobbing

continued right until the end of the hour.

I didn't intervene, sensing that he needed this space and time to express his

sorrow and grief. As the end of the hour approached, he began to look at me

through his tears and the crying stopped. 'I've waited years to do that' he said.

Although we didn't work through feelings in a conversational way or

rationalise any of his thoughts, the session was a release for his grief and he

had felt comfortable enough to express this during the session, without fear of

ridicule, platitudes or restriction. He said he felt an enormous sense of relief

and that a weight had been lifted. We scheduled another session for next week

and after he had had a drink of water, he left.


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