An Unexpected Pregnancy

Today, I was seeing a client that I had met for the first time last week. Her issues had

intrigued me and she was returning today after seeing her GP to check for any physical

causes of her black outs following consuming small amounts of alcohol when socializing

with her partner.

The client arrived on time looking rather pale and shaky.

After showing her to a seat, I asked her how she had been since I saw her last. She took a

deep breath and said that she had been to her GP last Friday, the day after our

appointment. She said she had been out with her partner last Thursday evening and the

same thing had happened again, leaving her waking in his apartment feeling terrified and

with a severe hangover.

The GP’s diagnosis

I gently asked her what her GP had said and after taking a few deep breaths, she told me

she was pregnant. I asked her how she felt about this as she had said at her last

appointment that she was not planning to have children at the moment. She said that that

wasn't all – her GP had asked to run blood tests and had found a substance in her system

that indicated she had been drugged with Ketamine (known as a 'date rape' drug).

The client took some time to compose herself as she was crying and unable to talk for a

while. I gave her the time and space to express her feelings and regain her composure

before asking her whether she had spoken to her partner about the pregnancy or the blood

test results.

She said that he had been away on business since Monday and that she had needed some

time to herself over the last weekend so had told him she was feeling ill and unable to see

him. She said he had been quite angry about this but had said that he would see her when

he arrived back from his business trip which was this evening.

13 weeks pregnant

I asked the client about her visit to the GP and she told me that her GP had explained the

time frame for the drug administration – it would have been the previous evening while

she was out with her partner and his friends.

She explained that she was now 13 weeks pregnant and was due to go for a scan in the next

week which she was dreading.

The client said she was planning to confront her partner this evening and ask him about

the drug and whether he had given her this so that they could have unprotected sex in

order to create a pregnancy – something that he had said he was keen to do as soon as


Client safety

My first consideration has to be the safety of my client and although she clearly needed

answers from her partner, she may have been putting herself at risk by confronting him. If

he had been the one to administer a drug via her drink, then he may be capable of other

things. Also, she had no proof of his wrongdoing other than circumstantial evidence and it

could be detrimental to their relationship to accuse him without having any proof.

She said her GP had told her that it was highly likely that each black out had been caused

by the same substance in her system and as the blackouts had only occurred when she was

with her partner and his friends, it would certainly raise a suspicion about their activities.

I asked the client if she had ever been out with just her partner and whether this had

happened at those times. She said that she couldn't remember and became upset again.


When she had calmed down a little, I asked her if she intended to go to the police about

this. As she had evidence from her GP, the police could investigate and if necessary,

prosecute the person who had committed this offence.

The client said she didn't know if she could go through that although she had considered it.

We looked at how she might be supported by friends and family if she told them about her

situation and she said that although she couldn't face telling her parents, her best friend

would almost certainly support her if she confided in her.

I asked whether she was going to see her partner this evening and she said she didn't feel

she could at the moment as she was so confused, about both the drugging and the


By the time the session was due to come to an end, the client had resolved to speak to her

friend straight away and ask for her support in reporting the incident to the police later

that day.

I was confident that that client was not in any immediate danger and we arranged to meet

the following week at the same time as she felt she had so much that she wanted to talk


It never fails to surprise me, the wide ranging issues that client's bring to their sessions and

that they face every day of their lives. I am glad that I can play a small part in sitting

alongside them in a supportive role and enabling them to move forwards to a happier


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