Loosing Motivation

Today I saw a 52 year old female, currently in a relationship and who works as a Clinical

Psychologist. She is facing some issues and is currently dealing with a sense of general

depression and lack of motivation.

I have worked with her for five weeks to date, and on meeting her, I felt somewhat on the

back foot as she had years of experience in the mental health field and was well regarded


What I learned from working with her is that your feelings and emotions are not governed

by job title. Even people who work in this industry and who are aware of how and why they

perceive and experience the world can struggle and need the time and space to feel heard

and listened to.

A positive session

Today's session was very positive and she had had some light bulb moments during the

past week with regards to why she feels so lacking in motivation. She was feeling under

appreciated at work and this had been the case for a number of years.

Rather than continue to resent her workload, we had looked at ways in which this could be

managed and how she might address her issues in the workplace.

Planning ahead

She had put into practice some of the things we had spoken about. And during the

discussion with the Clinical Lead she had devised new ways to organise and prioritise her

daily tasks. She also discussed some further courses in her field of expertise, which she was

looking forward to.

We spoke about other issues she may want to address in the counselling in future sessions,

and came up with a plan for this which we will work on in the next session.


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