The Unhappy Couple

My final clients for the day were due at 5.00pm. They were new clients attending for an

initial assessment.

I don't charge for this first meeting as I feel that this is an opportunity for the client to see

if they feel comfortable working with me, ask any questions that they might have and for

me to get an idea of the issues they are facing and explain about the counselling process.

Considering a separation

This couple arrived looking very anxious and after seating them and going through the

confidentiality and boundary issues to which they agreed, I learnt that they were

considering separation after the husband had been repeatedly unfaithful over a number of

years. The wife had recently discovered his latest affair and had asked that they both attend

counselling as a last resort before they divorce.

The husband was flippant and used humour throughout the assessment. And at this stage I

was not sure whether this was due to nerves or a lack of desire for the process to work.

I agreed to meet with them both for a counselling session tomorrow, after they had both

thought about whether counselling was right for them, and whether the husband wanted to

engage with the process or was just attending the sessions to keep his wife happy.


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